The Spirited Speaker

Robin Devonish aka "The Spirited Speaker

Is a highly sought after speaker and event emcee. She’s been the choice of event planners for entertainment and speaking for more than 10 years. Known for her breath-taking storytelling skills, inspirational principles and the command of a room, Robin has been called to speak and share the stage with headliners such as Lucinda Cross, Les Brown, Sherri Shepherd, KeKe Palmer, Carla Stephens and Darin Henson, just to name a few. As a writer, author, publishing maven, and cancer survivor, Ms. Devonish has the ability to turn your event into a highly entertaining experience.


Robin’s journey has been both inspiring and impactful. She has emceed and entertained thousands along the way to come to this realization: It is less about how many people you have in the room and more about the lifelong influence and experience each event brings. She has masterfully crafted her messages and stories while sharing strategies for real life improvements while keeping everyone engaged and entertained.

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Spirited Speaker Testimonials

“Infectious, commanding, comforting, and powerful are the adjectives that come to mind to describe my experience with Robin “The Voice.” I had the pleasure of having Robin Emcee my conference which was hosted at a very turbulent time in our society. It was the week after the 2016 election, and I was torn between canceling the event in NYC or postponing for a later date. The climate of the city was thick and heavy. I was most sure people weren’t in the mood to be inspired and encouraged.

Robin affirmed me to continue the course as planned and she came through in a major way. Despite all the protests on 5th Avenue that deterred guests, trains, cabs we all arrived at a central place, and Robin delivered.
She organically shifted the mood with her resounding voice. She spoke a message of inspiration and hope that leveled the room. From there we were geared to resume Business As Usual. Robin Devonish is a speaker, a leader; she is the VOICE I look forward to hiring for future events.”

— Nichole Bailey, Founder of Bits Of Faith, Inc.
“On behalf of Execute That! Conference we give a big thank you to Robin Devonish for being our EMCEE for 2016 and 2017. So many people commented positively on your role. Your warmth, humor, active approach, personal engagement with the audience and skilled facilitation on the panel was invaluable to the success of the event. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic job, Robin. You truly exceeded our expectations!!”

— Raquel Smith, Founder of Execute That!
“Robin was my Keynote motivational speaker at our “Woman of Faith in Business Seminar.” She was exceptional in the way that she captured the audience by sharing personal testimonies and teaching key points for success! I was delighted by her performance and would highly recommend Robin for any speaking engagements or events!! She’s a dynamic speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur all in one, to hire her would mean you would have a complete package!!”

— Christine Prosser, W.O.M.B.S Connect Alliance
“Robin Devonish, the Spirited Speaker and Publishing Maven is not only dynamic but a phenomenal, speaker and motivator! At my event, Robin captivated the audience with her gift of storytelling and teaching. The women were refreshed, renewed and given core strategies to help them transform their lives.”

— Monique Denton Davis, Founder and CEO of Embrace Your CAKE, LLC.
“If you’re seeking a personable, confident and easy to work with emcee for your event, then Robin Devonish; the spirited speaker is a great choice. What is most memorable in working with Robin was her unassuming way of engaging the audience and seamlessly having them interact with social media and each other without losing the focus of the event. Her capacity to include everyone in the room creating a personable environment is reason enough to have her host any treasured event. Blessed 2 Be A Blessing was blessed to have Robin charge up the room with laughter and reflective moments.”
— Velvette Mattison-Batson, I.E.W.P